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Irish International Football

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10th January 2006

ruadh18886:10pm: Bring back Brian Kerr.
Current Mood: depressed

6th April 2005

rich_ard1:29pm: ZiZu
Zidane hinted recently that he'd love to play against Ireland and beat us in Dublin but he won't...


I think it's a pity he won't. It'd be great for the Irish fans to witness a display by one of the greatest footballers of his generation. But they would also be disappointed as Zidane is past it and wouldn't keep up with the pace of a match at Landsdowne.

ZiZu? Just as I always suspected, you are all talk.
Current Mood: amused

1st April 2005

rich_ard12:37pm: Kerr Rant
There is a pretty good article in the Guardian about how the Irish team plays under Brian Kerr.

Guardian Article and rantCollapse )
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30th March 2005

rich_ard10:59am: Ireland 1 China 0
That was so lame. I know it was just a friendly, but still...

Why does Andy Reid insist on trying to hit awkward impossible passes? Sure, the 1 or 2 that work are fairly spectacular but most of the time he either gave away possession or put his team mates under pressure. And good god! Will someone please give Robbie Keane a video of John Aldridge or something. He gets into great positions and then dribbles the ball into awkward positions. Why Robbie! Why!?

Highlight of the night: Clinton's sweet finish.

Low Point: The preceding 80 or so minutes.
Current Mood: cranky

26th March 2005

ruadh18887:50pm: ARRRRRRRRRRRGH!
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25th March 2005

rich_ard12:47pm: Article featuring statements by Avil Nimny, the Israeli captain. Roll on tomorrow.

Current Mood: hopeful

16th March 2005

rich_ard1:17pm: Israel V Ireland - Squad Announced
So Brian Kerr has announced the squad for the Israel game on March 26th:

Squad: Given (Newcastle United), Kenny (Sheffield United), Murphy (Walsall), Carr (Newcastle United), O’Shea (Manchester United), Breen (Sunderland), Dunne (Manchester City), Cunningham (Birmingham City), Finnan (Liverpool), Maybury (Leicester City), O’Brien (Newcastle United), Miller (Manchester United), Roy Keane (Manchester United), Kilbane (Everton), Holland (Charlton Athletic), Quinn (Sheffield United), Kavanagh (Wigan Athletic), Doherty (Norwich City), Reid (Tottenham Hotspur), Morrison (Birmingham City), Robbie Keane (Tottenham Hotspur), Elliott (Sunderland), Duff (Chelsea).

I'd like to predict a starting 11 (injury permitting) of the following:

Given [gk] Carr [fb] O'Shea [fb] Cunningham [cb] O' Brien [cb] Roy Keane [m] Kilbane [m] Reid [m] Morrison [f] Robbie Keane [f] Duff [m]

I feel Kerr would go for the above 11 due to their previous performances for Ireland. The only changes I'd make would be to play Dunne instead of O' Brien. O' Brien is a fine, solid defender, but Dunne is far more powerful in the air and on the ground. He's had a bad time in recent years but has really worked hard this season for City. As it stands at the moment, Kerr has a really strong squad to pick from. All of the key players are doing well at the moment and I feel that Duff, the two Keanes and Carr will play blinders! Here's hoping Given doesn't have to do a tap and that we collect the 3 points.
Current Mood: hopeful

8th March 2005

rich_ard5:23pm: First Post
So, anyone fancy our chances against Israel?
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